The first independent venture fund for oral health

Identifying opportunities for investors and providing capital for cutting-edge innovations in the oral and systemic health sectors.

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an Unprecedented opportunity

for founders

We empower founders, startups, and their cutting-edge products and services by assembling investor sets that consist of leaders in the industry. We're an AngelList Rolling Fund and can lead or follow, priced round or not, public or private.

For investors

Our deep understanding of the dental industry is proven by our successful track record in identifying profitable and diverse opportunities for our investors. We have deep experience in doing thorough due diligence.

For everyone

We provide an essential combination of dental industry expertise and analytical data research capabilities to predict trends and opportunities within the healthcare industry. We seek to elevate best-in-category technologies that promote better health outcomes.

We’ve spent our careers helping startups raise funds so they can put their products into the hands of providers and patients. To date, we’ve found investors are mostly unaware of the benefits that oral health investments can bring to any equity portfolio. Revere Partners is determined to change the landscape of dental and systemic health ventures—bringing market awareness, business acumen, and the top minds in the field together to elevate innovations and optimize both patient and provider experience.
We deliver:
  • Strategic investors
  • Pipeline of the top dental deals
  • Outstanding returns for investors
  • Founders who believe in excellence
Dr. Jeremy Krell
Managing Partner
David Arena
Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Eric Pulver
Chief Innovation Officer
Jane Levy
Venture Partner
Dr. Edward J. Zuckerberg
Venture Partner
Dr. Ryan Hungate
Venture Partner
Dr. Yan Kalika
Venture Partner
Dr. Kathy O’Loughlin
Venture Partner
Rishi Popat, DMD, DMSc.
Dr. Lou Graham
Venture Partner
Robert Horowitz
Dr. Scott Kalniz
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