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Moving patient care forward through networked platforms.

New approaches to treatment collaboration could offer greater control and opportunity as dentistry evolves.

How much do the partners have in the game, anyway?

Starting up a venture capital fund was a hefty financial commitment. Today, there are options to help fund managers get the ball rolling, more easily.

COVID-19 and Oral Health: An Emerging Connection

A recent study by McGill University reveals a growing connection between gum disease and complications from COVID-19.

A New Twist on Aligners: Innovations That Up the Ante

 In 1997, two Stanford University students invested the first clear aligner system known as Invisalign®.

Funding A Startup Is Easier Than You Think

Getting the funding you need for your startup is probably not the insurmountable challenge you’ve anticipated

Practice Consolidation is Good Business for Startups

The growing trend toward group practices, corporate dental offices and Dental Service Organizations (DSOs), and how it benefits startups and investors.

Dental Sector Resilience in Times of Economic Uncertainty

One of the most distinguishing aspects of the dental industry is how it performs in economic downturns.

The Next Disrupter In Investments: The Dental Industry

A variety of the sectors and industries that comprise the private market have seen healthy.

3 Strategies for Healthcare Venture Capital Investing

It’s not surprising that venture investments in the healthcare tech arena were especially lucrative as there has been sizable growth in alternative care and provider operations.

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