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Our team is committed to identifying opportunities for investors and providing capital for cutting-edge innovations in the oral and systemic health sectors.


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Our Team

Dr. Jeremy Krell
Managing Partner

Dr. Jeremy Krell is a general dentist, as well as an experienced investor with a business background. He has raised rounds and generated returns for investors at ten companies, sold three, and acquired two more as a key operator. Jeremy oversaw strategic provider innovation and development at Oscar Health, a health insurance company that had an IPO in 2021. He also led provider and clinical growth initiatives at quip, a subscription oral health company, and has since built the Barchester Bay Group, a portfolio consisting of over thirty separate ventures. Jeremy is an angel investor and sits on the boards of several healthcare and dental startups. He has a fifteen-plus year proven track record with start-ups, multi-million dollar fundraises, and acquisitions.

Dave Arena
Chief Financial Officer

Dave is an experienced investor, technologist, and finance professional. He spent a decade advising institutional clients on investment strategy and developing systematic trading strategies at the world’s largest hedge fund. Now he applies his analytical skill-set on leadership teams at numerous startups, managing capital raises, operations strategy, and growth initiatives. He most recently served as CFO and CTO at an oral healthcare company. Mr. Arena looks forward to deploying the skills gained from his 13-year career to deliver unique insights, investment opportunities, and leadership strategy to investors and founders alike.

Dominik Lysek
Chief Science Officer

Dominik Lysek, PhD, MChem is a trained chemist, with a PhD in structural biology as well as a successful entrepreneur. After leading the clinical research group in a biomaterial company, he founded credentis in January 2010, in order to establish the first biomimetic technology to treat dental caries and enable the Guided Enamel Remineralisation Therapy. Throughout the decade Dr. Lysek was the CEO, raised multiple financing rounds, developed a whole portfolio of products and finally had a successful exit in November 2020. Today, he works as an angel investor and is on the board of healthcare companies as well as philanthropic foundations. Dr. Lysek is passionate about bringing cutting-edge scientific innovations into the oral care field, and turning them into commercial successes.

Kelsey Kephart
Head of Business Operations

Kelsey Kephart has 10 years of finance experience across finance & fintech managing investment, data, and operations teams at Bridgewater, MUFG, Better, and now Revere Partners. She currently serves as the Head of Business Operations leading fund strategy while supporting fundraising, investments, TechEval, and Corporate Services. Kelsey resides in Charlotte, North Carolina and holds a B.A. in Archaeology from Columbia University.

Immi Sivia
Head of Fundraising

Immi Sivia is the Head of Fundraising, responsible for leading the firm's efforts in supporting fundraising and marketing initiatives. Previously, she worked at King River Capital, where she focused on investor relations, fund operations, and fundraising activities. Prior to her time at King River, Immi held a position at Polychain Capital, where she played a key role in managing investor relations and fundraising for the firm's $1 billion crypto venture fund and hedge fund. Immi began her career at Allianz Global Investors. Originally from California, Immi holds a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Finance from San Francisco State University.

Richey Hansen
Senior Investment Associate

Richey oversees the investment pipeline and due diligence process. Additionally, he serves as a voice on the investment committee, provides support to the corporate services arm, and assists Investment Relations with ongoing investment support. Prior to joining Revere, Richey spent 13 years in clinical operations before earning his MBA from the University of Colorado-Boulder. He has held various roles in venture capital including as a Venture Fellow on the licensing team at CU Healthcare Innovations Fund, as an analyst with Buff Gold Ventures, and as Director of Portfolio with CU Deming Center Venture Fund. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from University of California-San Diego, where he also competed for the university’s cross country/track and field team.

Jill Nesbitt
Head of Investor Relations

Jill Nesbitt, MBA, works with Revere Partners venture capital firm supporting strategy and investor relations plus leads the firm’s TechEval corporate service. With 20 years in dentistry, she started her career managing a multi-specialty dental group practice, then became an independent dental consultant working with multi-location dental groups to achieve measurable outcomes. Next, she worked for a DSO, helping onboard and train offices to use Dentrix Ascend, which led to working with the Henry Schein One team to build a customer success program to move the largest groups across the US to cloud-based software. Her expertise at the intersection of dentistry and technology led to a collaboration with Revere Partners, the first venture capital firm targeting oral health, where Jill builds relationships with investors and provides a technology evaluation service for dental groups interested in comparing their tech stack against the newest technologies.

Rahul Tulsyani
Investment Analyst

Rahul is a Portfolio Success Associate at Revere, where he collaborates closely with the portfolio companies associated with the fund. In this role, he provides strategic guidance, operational support, and leverages his expertise to help these companies achieve their growth objectives. Prior to joining Revere, Rahul honed his skills in strategic planning and execution during his tenure at Better Mortgage.

Dhruv Patel
Business Development Analyst

Dhruv is the Business Development Analyst at Revere where he is responsible for providing corporate services and creating strategic partnerships with Revere’s corporate partners. Before Revere, Dhruv has been an operator, investment facilitator, and consultant in the startup ecosystem. Most notably, he was one of the first employees at Fintech startup Novel Capital where he helped scale the business through deal sourcing, due diligence, and sales operations. He also has experience as an entrepreneur as he had founded a marketing agency. Dhruv graduated with a Bachelor's degree in finance from the University of Missouri in 2020.

Sharon Adhihambo
Executive Assisant

Sharon Adhiambo is the Executive Assistant at Revere Partners, providing essential support to the executive team and ensuring the smooth operation of daily activities. With her exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail, Sharon plays a vital role in coordinating schedules, managing correspondence, and facilitating effective communication within the organization. 


Venture Partners

Dr. Kathy O’Loughlin
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Dr. Kathy O’Loughlin is the executive director of the American Dental Association (ADA), the nation’s leading advocate for oral health. She joined the ADA in 2009 after serving as the chief dental officer for United Health Group and as the chief executive officer for Delta Dental of Massachusetts. She is a nationally recognized leader in the health care, nonprofit, and education sectors, and she speaks around the country about the profession of dentistry, oral health care delivery, and public health policy. Dr. O’Loughlin was the first female dental school class president and valedictorian of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.

Jane Levy
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Jane Levy has spent most of her career investing in companies, both private and public. After working in the innovation group at Henry Schein, and as CGO at Jarvis Analytics, she sees strong potential for dental startups, and she joins Revere as a Venture Partner, to assist portfolio companies in achieving their goals. Ms. Levy has an MBA from MIT Sloan, and lives in New York City with her husband and two sons.

Dr. Edward J. Zuckerberg
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Dr. Edward J. Zuckerberg is a 1978 Graduate of NYU College of Dentistry. He practiced in Brooklyn and Dobbs Ferry, New York from 1979-2013 and has always been an early adopter of technology. He regularly lectures on Technology Integration, Social Media Marketing, and Online Reputation Management for Dentists, consults privately with Dental Practices and advises Dental/Medical Technology Startups in addition to treating patients part-time in Palo Alto, CA.

Dr. Yan Kalika
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Yan Kalika, DMD, MS is a certified specialist in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. He received his dental degree from Harvard School of Dental Medicine in 1998. In addition, he completed a fellowship in Washington D.C. in the field of dental health policy. Dr. Kalika completed his orthodontic training at the University of California at San Francisco where he received a specialty certificate in orthodontics and facial orthopedics and a master’s degree in oral biology. Dr. Kalika is a co-founder and on the board of several companies in high growth areas like artificial intelligence, infection control, medical devices, telemedicine, and orthodontic treatment. Dr. Kalika served as a consultant to Align Technology (the creator of Invisalign) when the company started. He is also an international master in chess, which is the perfect kind of critical thinking you want on your team.

Our Story

David and Jeremy first met as co-workers at an oral health start-up. It was there that they bonded, and together recognized and identified an inefficiency in bringing innovative products and services to market: that dental and oral health was underfunded as an industry and ripe for investment. They spent a year researching, analyzing, and pouring through accumulated data from early-stage dental companies and experts in the field. What they found is that the dental industry, especially concerning early-stage start-ups, is well-positioned to experience strong growth in the coming years. There are favorable returns to be gained in this space, and that dental will become a key component of any well-balanced equity portfolio, continually providing an excellent source of risk-adjusted return and diversification for investors.

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Our investment thesis

The dental sector remains ripe for disruption, though has not seen the influx of investment capital that many other industries, including similar healthcare industries, have seen in the recent past. Our research shows that an exceptional investment opportunity exists in the dental sector, particularly in early-stage companies. The dental industry consists of many large corporations, private practices, and start-ups with great ideas, but they are fragmented and disconnected. Revere seeks to bring those disparate pieces together — Connecting like-minded founders or compatible products and services with the investment dollars and industry leaders they require to grow their businesses. We identify and elevate high-growth product and service sectors within dentistry that can ultimately optimize outcomes for both providers and their patients, serving in all roles from lead investor to strategic investor to founder-friendly advisor— and are always looking for an opportunity to follow on in future rounds.