Corporate Services

At Revere, we're dedicated to helping corporations achieve its growth goals with our specialized services - Corporate Services & Tech Eval

How we work

We partner with manufacturers, distributors, insurers, DSO's, private equity firms, professional associations, academics, retailers, labs & more to deliver distinct value. We draw from our research and pipeline across Software, FinTech, Consumer Products, Biotech, Orthodontics & more.

The services below detail our Corporate Services work. Each can be customized or expanded based on client's needs. We aim to be a strategic partner for growth. Contact us today to explore opportunities.


Managed Deal Flow (MDF)

We find targeted deals aligned with your interests and present them in regularly scheduled meetings. If you have high-interest, high-target companies, we provide a managed centralized process and additional deeper diligence.


Insights & Analytics

Revere will research and devise a personalized biannual report on relevant macro industry trends to provide focus of deal flow and further engagement with dental interests. 


Tech Eval

Revere can provide comprehensive reviews of existing tech stacks, research to find the best technology solutions available to practice model and workflow. Deliverables tech reports that the DSO's and practices can use to optimize practice technology. Once a technology has been selected, Revere will coordinate the vendor connection and optionally provide pilot services. 



You identify target companies for licensing or commercial relationships. Revere coordinates the engagement for mutual growth.



For acquisitions, we handle the coordination & diligence until the final stages.

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